Spay/Neuter Surgery

Thousands of puppies and kittens are abandoned every year in the United States. Many are born to stray animals, but some are raised by private individuals who do not know what to do with newborn puppies or kittens, and eventually decide to get rid of them. Many people are unaware of the possibility and benefits of of sterilization (also known as spay/neuter) for dogs and cats. Sterilization is a safe and minimally invasive procedure that removes the uterus (females) or testicles (males) of animals, making them unable to mate and have babies. This surgery does not negatively affect their personality or long term health, and in fact can lengthen your dog or cat's life and reduce the chance of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy complications such as eclampsia.

COST: Dogs $100 (Dogs over 60lbs $120), Cats $50


Sterilization at Saipan Cares for Animals is performed by our visiting veterinarians. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine procedures around the world, it has been extremely difficult to get visiting veterinarians since March 2020. Our waiting list for sterilization is very long, and it may be several months before we can schedule you for the procedure. At this time we are not accepting new animals onto our regular spay/neuter waiting list. The list has grown to over 2,000 animals and at this time we are only accepting URGENT spay/surgery requests. IF YOU HAVE AN ANIMAL WHO IS PREGNANT PLEASE CALL 285-5448.