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We Need Your Help!

At a Public Hearing on July 7th, the CNMI Zoning Board will decide whether or not to grant SCA a six month extension to keep operating at our current clinic in As Gonno. The time and location of the hearing is still to be determined. It is absolutely vital that we are allowed this extension so that we can continue to provide lifesaving care to our island's pets while we get a new location ready for move in.

We are currently working on getting a lease signed at a new location. However this land is not developed at all and will need to be bulldozed and cleared before we can even begin to think of fencing, kennels, or building a new clinic complete with power, water, and sewage. Once the lease is signed we are hopeful that we can accomplish all of this within six months. This is due almost entirely to donations of time, services, and funds from supporters.

If the Zoning Board does not grant us this extension, we will have to stop all operations by the end of July and will not be able to renew the lease at our current location. SCA cannot afford even a temporary cessation of services; it is likely that we would have to close permanently. We would be faced with the prospect of finding homes for the 100+ animals in our care, and with the prospect of being forced to euthanize those who could not be re-homed.

Every month Saipan Cares for Animals saves hundreds of lives and pet owners do not have another option for care in the CNMI. Our goal is to provide a public service that is accessible to all. The only way we have been able to accomplish that goal over the past five years at this clinic is because of the constant meaningful support and contributions from our community.

Please voice your support for SCA and the work we are doing for animals and pet owners in the CNMI:

  • Send an email to saipancares.cnmi@gmail.com

  • Message us on Facebook @saipancares or on Instagram @saipancares670

  • Drop off a letter of support at our clinic

PLEASE make sure to include your full name and your village. We will not share this information publicly but the Zoning Board needs it to confirm that you are a CNMI resident.

We will continue to post updates about this situation to our blog and social media accounts, including more information about the time and place of the Zoning Public Hearing. We are really hopeful that we will be granted the extension so we can successfully make the move to our new clinic!

If you would like to donate to Saipan Cares for Animals, please visit our GoFundMe campaign at gofundme.com/savesca. Thank you so much for your support!


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