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Primary Care for Dogs and Puppies

Dogs need to get their vaccines, just like people do! They also need to take medication regularly to protect against worms and ticks.


Puppies and kittens need to be de-wormed when they are 2 weeks old, then again when they are 4 weeks old. They will then be de-wormed by our staff when they start their vaccines at 6 weeks old. Worms are the most common cause of death for puppies under 2 weeks old, and will cause the stomach to appear very full and swollen. Worms can also cause diarrhea.

Adult dogs (over 4 months old) should be de-wormed every month. The medicine used to de-worm adult dogs (Ivermectin) is NOT the same as the medicine used to de-worm puppies (Pyrantel). Please only use medication as directed.


Puppies can be given their first vaccine when they are 6 weeks old. It is better to start early, but it is never too late for a dog to get vaccinated! The vaccine we use at SCA protects against 5 different diseases; Parvo, Distempter, Canine Hepatitis, Kennel Cough, and Para-influenza. Your dog or puppy will need a series of 2-4 vaccines, given 3 weeks apart.

Vaccination is very important! The viruses that the vaccine protects against can be in the air, dirt, and feces of un-vaccinated dogs. It is important to keep your puppies away from public places, such as the park or beach, until the have completed at least 2 vaccine appointments.

Tick Prevention

Ticks in the CNMI carry a disease called "Ehrlichia" or "Tick Disease" which can be fatal if not treated. Tick disease is the number one cause of death for dogs in the CNMI, but it can be prevented by taking precautions so that your dog does not get any ticks.

We have found that the following flea/tick prevention methods are NOT EFFECTIVE in the CNMI:

  • Flea and tick shampoos

  • Flea collars

  • Sprays

  • Keeping your dog in the house

USE BRAVECTO! Bravecto is a prescription strength flea and tick prevention medication that is available through SCA. It is a chewable tablet that prevents fleas and ticks for 4 months in adult dogs. The dosage is based on weight, so growing puppies may need to take it more often until they reach their adult size.

If your dog begins exhibiting any of the following symptoms, please contact SCA at (670)285-5448:

  • Not eating or eating less than normal (even for just one day)

  • Tiredness

  • Vomiting or Diarrhea

  • Dizziness or inability to stand

  • Pale gums