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Peter & Piper

Peter and his sister Piper were found living under some abandoned cars in San Vicente. Although only about 8 weeks old, they were terrified of people and difficult to catch. Piper was more skittish, and it took almost a week of trying and the combined effort of three people to bring her in safely. At first we thought we might be too late for both of them, as they were suffering from severe malnutrition, mange, and Tick Disease.

We asked our friends at BoonieBabies to give them the specialized care and attention they needed to make it through the trauma they had suffered. In their care, Peter and Piper learned not to be afraid of people and slowly began to show their sweet and loving personalities.

After a few weeks, Peter and Piper were returned to SCA so they could find their forever homes. They were still slow to trust and shy around new people. Our team and volunteers worked with them constantly to try and show them that they would never have to be scared and alone again, but we worried that it was going to be hard to find someone to adopt these shy babies.

Peter was adopted today after almost three months of careful care, love, and attention! He is such a cuddly boy now, and although he may always be a little shy around new people, once he warms up to you he acts like a normal hyper puppy and it is clear that all he ever needed was someone to trust.

Piper is still at SCA waiting to find her forever home! She is a little shy, but very quiet and mellow. She is smart and sweet and deserves to find the best family and live a long, safe, and happy life. If you are interested in making that dream a reality for this beautiful girl, please let us know! She is currently available to foster which is free and includes all necessary vaccines, medication, and spay surgery.