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Help Us Find Our New Location!

Due to zoning issues at our current location and a need to upgrade to a bigger space, Saipan Cares for Animals is looking for a new space for our clinic and rescue. We have been at our current place in As Gonno for the past 5 years due the generosity of one of our supporters - Velma Lore - who has allowed us to lease from her at no cost as a donation to our organization. We will always be grateful to her for keeping our doors open and allowing us to build SCA up to the point that we need a larger space!

There are a variety of specifications, detailed below, when it comes to our new location to ensure that it is both accessible for our clients and safe for our animals. We do not have a specific range for rent in mind - it will depend on a variety of factors including how much development is needed of the land and possible structure.

  • The lot size must be at least 2000 square meters, and we would prefer a lot that is 3000-4000 square meters.

  • The lot must have power and water access.

  • We are looking to enter into a 10 year lease agreement.

  • We would prefer a lot with an existing structure, such as a 2-3 bedroom house. A structure with significant renovation required is okay, but we would prefer something with concrete walls.

  • The lot should not be near busy roads and should be accessible by all car types.

  • Preference will be given to lots in less populated areas. SCA can be somewhat loud during open hours, but it is quiet in the evening unless someone is actively disturbing our dogs.

Please contact Beth Pliscou at (670)285-5448 (call or Whatsapp message ok) or e.pliscou.sca670@gmail.com if you have any questions or if you have a lot that you may be willing to rent to us.

Our current lease expires in August, so we are looking for a place we can begin moving into as soon as possible. Please spread the word! It is so vital that we can continue doing our work to save and care for the dogs and cats of the CNMI.

If you are interested in supporting Saipan Cares for Animals during this very difficult time, please consider donating at GoFundMe.com/SaveSCA


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