Saipan Cares for Animals Clinic and Shelter

As Gonno, Saipan Click here for directions!

Open: Tuesday-Saturday 12pm-3pm

Phone: (670)488-2287 

For emergencies, call or text Beth at: (670)285-5448


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The Animals of Saipan Cares

Saipan Cares for Animals takes in abandoned and sick animals and cares for them until they are ready to get adopted. We house many animals as we have capacity for, but even so there are times where we have so many that we simply can't take care of any more and we have to turn some away. 

YOU CAN HELP! Adopt or foster one of our animals. Giving a dog or cat a good home, even if just temporarily, makes huge difference to the shelter and to the animal. Young adult dogs in particular will never forget what you have done for them and will love you all the more for it!