Adopt a Pet!

We take in new cats and dogs almost every week. Some were abandoned by careless or overwhelmed owners, others are taken from situations of extreme neglect or abuse. All of them are suffering from worms, mange, and almost every dog or puppy comes in with Tick Disease. We try to save every one that we can and rehabilitate them so that they can find a loving forever home. Many of them take months to recover, and it can be a daily fight to keep them going at first, but it is so worth it to see a wonderful personality blossom in a place where the animal feels save and loved. Every animal that comes through our doors becomes a part of the SCA family, and we want to ensure that every single one can live a long and healthy live by offering free care services through our clinic for every animal adopted from Saipan Cares for Animals.


We post pictures of many of our available animals to our Facebook Page and Instagram Account, but it is best to make time to stop by during regular clinic hours or on #AdoptionDay every Sunday from 10am-3pm to see everyone who is available to take home!

Dogs & Puppies

Adoption fee (puppies under 12 weeks old): $100

Adoption fee (puppies over 12 weeks old and adult dogs): $50

Why is the price for young puppies more than older puppies and dogs?

  • Young puppies are a huge responsibility and require a significant financial commitment compared to an older puppy or adult dog. We feel that it is in the best interest of our puppies that we ensure their new families are prepared to take good care of them. Puppies will also need more treatment during their first year than an older puppy or adult dog, including their sterilization (spay/neuter) surgery. If $100 really seems like too much for your family to afford, consider adopting an older puppy or adult dog. Puppies who are 12 weeks old cost just $50 to adopt. We also have a lot of great adult dogs who are only 4 months to 1 year old, which are also $50 to adopt.

Cats & Kittens

Adoption fee (kittens and cats under 2 years old): $30

Adoption fee (cats over 2 years old): FREE

Fostering a Pet

Families who are interested in taking home a puppy or kitten who has not yet completed their sterilization (spay/neuter) surgery will still be required to foster until the surgery, but will also be required to put down an adoption reservation deposit, which will cover the adoption fee when the animal is ready to adopt. If you are interested in becoming a temporary foster family for an animal in need, you will not be required to put down an adoption deposit. However, temporary foster families will need to take animals home according to the clinic's need, and may not be able to pick which animal they take home.


All animals adopted from Saipan Cares for Animals will receive FREE care through our clinic for life as long as we are still providing care to the CNMI! That includes Bravecto, vaccinations, deworming, and any emergency care that may be needed. If you have adopted an animal through SCA and may be due for a vaccine or Bravecto, please let us know! You are required to bring the animal with you to the clinic to avail of free care (INCLUDING BRAVECTO) except in special circumstances or exceptions for anxious or aggressive animals. Please contact us if you will have difficulty bringing your adopted pet in for care.

What is the value of the free care through SCA?

  • For an averaged size 30lb dog who lives 10 years (and dogs can live a lot longer than that with good care!) the adoption fee covers:

    • Bravecto four times a year (every three months): $720.00

    • Vaccination, booster shots, and deworming: $165.00

    • Spay/neuter surgery: $100

    • Any other treatment needed to keep your dog happy and healthy, which can vary greatly in price depending on the health of your dog as they get older or if any emergencies arise such as an injury or a Tick Disease infection

Check out SCA's social media accounts and the SCA Blog for some of our recent adoption success stories! If you have any questions about the fostering/adoption process, please do not hesitate to reach out via phone, email, or DM. We hope to see you soon!