Saipan Cares for Animals Clinic and Shelter

As Gonno, Saipan Click here for directions!

Open: Tuesday-Saturday 12pm-3pm

Phone: (670)488-2287 

For emergencies, call or text Beth at: (670)285-5448


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About Saipan Cares for Animals

Saipan Cares for Animals is comprised of a dedicated group of volunteers, whose mission is to improve the life of every animal on Saipan through sterilization, medication, and socialization. The organization was founded in 2015.

Saipan Cares does not have a full-time vet on staff. We have visiting veterinarians come as often as possible to do surgeries and spay/neuter clinics. Learn more about our visiting veterinarians here!


Having a cat as a pet is much different than having a dog as a pet! If you are new to being a cat owner, this 17 minute video will help give you advice to make your life, and your cat's life a little easier by learning how to "speak cat!" Topics include the basics of owning a cat, medical care, spay and neutering, those nails and scratching, feeding time, bathroom break, time to play, and more!